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Lord Ayyappan is a symbol of religious unity and communal harmony. Being born out of Mohini (the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and Lord Shiva, he is also known as Bhuthanatha, Dharmasastha, Hariharan, Ayyanar and Manikanta.
Lord Ayyappa

There are thirty six rituals to be observed and followed for the SABARI MALA YATRA, out of which eighteen(18) DOs and eighteen(18) DONOTs are there..
The images of the Gods or Goddesses are always encarved in four types, viz. Pathmasan, Siddhasan, Vajra and Gomugha. There are some secret and minute aspects in creating idols according to the Thantricism. The idols on which the power of God is to be consecrated;
Irumudikettu is not an ordinary bundle of things for climbing over the mountain ranges. It may once more be elucidated in a spiritual level of things. It is the Karma-(action) and its Bhala(result of actions) and the Bhoga(consumption of its result) are the main reason,
There are five basic roots of signs of creations, according to Thantricsm, Niram(colour), Gunam(feature/quality), Rupam(figure), Bhavam(nature) and Kriya(action).
In religious concepts the Mandala is forty one days. The thirty days from the prathipada, after the full moon to the next full moon day and eleven days to the Ekadasi is the period of Mandala.
Sabarimala, which is surrounded by 18 great mountains, having thick forests in the sides and valleys. In midst of these forests , the divine steps and after the 18 steps the idol of the illuminated One likes folklore.
In ancient times, there had been four Asramas( restricted and ordained life system which is adhered to in life span, which had been considered as worldly orders) they are Brahmacharya,
Thath Thwam Asi= Thou art you. This word of message is from the Chando gyopanishat, means “That is you” The diffusion of the word is Thath. Thwam. Asi. Thath means that thwam means ‘you and Asi means is..
There are so many illusions, allusions and allegations about the Makara Jyothi. Actually it is the shining of a star at the evening of one day on which the sun passes from equator to the south on its journey from the north.
Sarva Mangala Dayagane Saranam Ayyappa: When we make an enquiry about the abode of the eternal and emancipative Sabarimala, at the outset itself, it is curious for a person to think about the imagination behind the consecration
At the time of Maladharan Guruswamy will have to recite the following hymns